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Black Lab Food Photography | so affordable, you can’t afford not to shoot


You sell food. Black Lab shoots food. This is a visual world. And, most importantly, food is the most visual product sold to consumer in this day and age — the digital age. Due to the Social Media landscape we live in today, the culture of food is spread now more visually than through word of mouth. A picture is not only worth a thousand words, it is also worth thousands of dollars. And, the best way to a consumer’s stomach is through their eyes. Food is the king of all visual mediums.


Enter Black Lab Photography. We make shooting food affordable and take pride in delivering our clients multiple quality images of each item shot. We shoot the same food item from a variety of angles and focal lengths so our clients have a choice of what shot to use on each of the endless media vehicles available today.

So, whether you print it, post it, use it within a YouTube video or incorporate it into a TV commercial, Black Lab’s mouth-watering food photography will increase consumers’ appetites which will, in turn, increase sales and new customer count for your nramd.

To find out how Black Lab makes high-end photography affordable, please contact Paige Gilingwater at paigeg@blacklabproduction.com or give her a call at (310) 880-8067. You can also visit blacklabproduction.com to get more information and more of a sense of Black Lab’s capabilities.

Black Lab’s Food Photographer, Holland Henton, is an award winning, worldwide Executive Creative Director turned Food Photographer. Holland understands that food photography not only has to engage the consumer, but also has to get the consumer to act. If the cash register isn’t ringing, Holland isn’t happy. Holland’s food photography has been featured worldwide on TV commercials, menus, menu boards, outdoor billboards, counter displays, print ads, posters, direct mail, packaging and every Social Media vehicle that comes to mind.