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Have you ever met a Genius? Not only a Genius, but a Genius with one of the most giving and kind souls ever created?

If not, then please meet Gilian Navarro, Senior Art Director and Digital Content Director of Black Lab Productions. Gilian is UBER talented. His Graphic Design, Art Direction and Illustration talents are second to none.

And, Digital is in his blood. Gilian oversees the Digital Strategy, Content & Execution division of Black Lab Productions. Every day is a new day in the Digital world and Gilian ensures Black Lab Productions is at the forefront.

Gilian is the ROCK of Black Lab Productions. A problem solver, always up for the challenge and his solution-driven attitude makes Gilian an instant favorite with every Client of Black Lab Productions.

Gilian is a graduate of the University of California, Berkeley with a Bachelor’s Degree in Practice of Art.

On a side note, Gilian likes to WIN. Just play a game of shuffle board or ping pong with him and you’ll quickly understand what we mean.

Gilian’s positivity radiates and Black Lab Productions is thankful he is part of the team.

If you ever have the opportunity to meet Gilian, tell him “Holland says Hi to his Grandma.” And to understand that inside joke, you’ll have to hire us.

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