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Revitalizing and Reinventing a SoCal Brand.  In 2006, we were awarded NORMS Restaurants and became NORMS first Advertising Agency brought in from the outside.  We were charged with bringing a fading brand back to life and making NORMS relevant again.  Starting with garnering consumer insights through Black Lab’s proprietary Qualitative Research Process, NORMS new brand positioning/strategy came to life and the new NORMS tagline was born. NORMS Restaurants.  Where Life Happens – 24/7.  Creative elements were executed against the new positioning/strategy across all consumer touchpoints to ensure synergistic messaging (new menu, in-store POP, print ads, TV commercials, social media).  NORMS Restaurants brand awareness, brand perception, sales and customer count (new and repeat) increased and exceeded far above expectations year over year.  By evolving the brand strategy and planting a stake in the ground and owning the region, NORMS Restaurants was quickly elevated to iconic status in SoCal.

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