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TAKE ACTION.  Many of our Clients thought it wasn’t affordable to create and produce a TV spot or campaign and still have enough money left over to place media.  We are happy to say, that is not the case.  Black Lab’s in-house production capabilities make it feasible for Clients to have a presence on TV.  We are experienced in creating high concept commercials, new media content and anything else where a camera is used to tell a story.  No project is too small or too large.  Some of our best work has been done on a shoestring budget.  We challenge ourselves daily to produce the highest quality work at a price less than imaginable.  TV and Video Production is an action sport and we are on your team every step of the way.  From pre-production to production to post-production (locations, casting, wardrobe, shooting, rough cuts, editing, color correction, graphics, music, sound design, mixing, online, etc.), we are there to do whatever it takes to get the production done on time and on budget and delivered at the highest quality.

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